Cultured is curated co-retail space where creative brands and artist can design their own storefront space, providing local entrepreneurs with prime retail options in Kansas City’s thriving Crossroads District.  The urban atmosphere gives shoppers access to a variety of styles and products designed by local tastemakers and the cultural influencers.   


The 18th & Oak Block is the busiest area in the crossroads and continues to grow as new local staples make this location their home.  Our neighbors include Grinders, KC Crossroads, Thou Mayest, The CBD Store, Borders Brewery, Double Shift, Brewery Emperial and Josey Records.  With several other amazing locally owned businesses nearby, continuous development in the area, major concerts and the popular First Friday festivities, Cultured is able to provide upcoming brands with excellent retail opportunity in a creative community.

Pop up Stores

Art Gallery

Local Merch (music, art,, books)

Box Office (pipeline, mammoth, granada)

Snack Bar


First Friday 18th & Oak Block Party

Crossroads Concert Summer Series Events (Meet & Greets)